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Here listed are grants given by the FFCH for the study of research in cardiovascular health.
  1. Research Fellowship in Macrovascular and Microvascular Function and Structure
  2. Discharge Follow up Study
  3. Study on Effects of Alternative Prescribing on Various Cardiovascular Measurements including Insulin Sensitivity
  4. Fellowship Support for Clinical Bioengineer in Mathematical Modelling and Processing of Physiological Signals
  5. Research Fellowship in Development of Retinal Image Analysis Tools
  6. Research Fellowship in Studies on New Onset Diabetes
  7. Fellowship Support for Basic Laboratory Science
  8. Research Fellowship in Multiscale Modelling of Blood Flow and Oxygen Transport in the Retinal Circulation
  9. Support for Senior Research Investigator in Studies of Vascular Biomechanics
  10. Research Fellowship in Advanced Computational Models for Disturbed and Turbulent Flow in Stenosed Carotid Arteries
  11. Fellowship Support for Combined Imaging and Computational Analysis of Coronary Flow in Patients with Ischaemic Heart Disease
  12. Fellowship Support for Developing Mathematical Modelling Techniques of Cardiorespiratory Interaction in Unstable Cardiopulmonary Physiology
  13. Fellowship Support for Study in the Role of Carbonic Anhydrase in Human Vascular Function
  14. Research Fellowship in Vascular Biology
  15. Contribution to a Major Genetics Study on Potential Candidate Genes for Hypertension
  16. Visiting Clinical Research Fellowship in Statistical Analyses on Benefits of Multiple Risk Factor Intervention to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease in the Hypertensive Patient
  17. Fellowship Support for Measurement of the Arterial Blood Pressure Waveform
  18. Research Fellowship in the Role of Prorenin and its Receptors in the Human Vasculature
  19. Support for Visiting Researchers in Analyses Comparing BP Variability in two Antihypertensive Regimens
  20. Support for Setting up Patient/Public Involvement Group in Clinical Trials
  21. Support for Setting up the Interdiabetes Project - a Global Case-Control Study to Evaluate the Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes in 50 Countries.
  22. Fellowship Support for the Development of an MR Guided Focussed Ultrasound Nanoparticle Delivery System
  23. Support for Observational Study on Morbidity during ASCOT follow-up 2005-10