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Preventing cardiovascular disease by research innovation

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. In the United Kingdom, the prevalence of heart disease and stroke is among the highest in the world, being responsible for almost 200,000 deaths each year. Tragically, over the next 20 years, worldwide these numbers are projected to increase dramatically. However, this is not inevitable - it need not happen - given that the associated risk factors are largely identified.

The Foundation for Circulatory Health was set up to facilitate and promote the International Centre for Circulatory Health (ICCH), a collaborative team of internationally renowned scientists and clinicians in cardiovascular medicine. ICCH aims to deliver an integrated research strategy in circulatory medicine and apply results of this research in a multi-ethnic society. The scope of this research includes:

The Foundation also supports the Young Researcher Programme at ICCH. Under this programme, a team of dedicated young researchers work on a range of innovative projects under the supervision of ICCH members. These projects focus on practical and realistic ways by which circulatory disease can be prevented and how these ways can be applied to improve clinical practice. Their work also involves the interpretation of the vast amount of data collected from major trials, some of which were undertaken by the ICCH Trials Unit. The scale of the success achieved by the young researchers is reflected in the number of awards and prizes they have received.

We believe that the ICCH Young Researcher Programme means that the Centre continues to be a unique and powerful force to reduce the anticipated global impact of cardiovascular disease and to improve patient care. But it is only with your help and support that the Foundation can provide essential funding to maintain the ongoing success of this research programme.

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