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Imaging in heart failure patients

Assessing and optimising pacemaker settings within the heart failure population

Dr Punam Pabari is a Cardiology Registrar supported by the British heart Foundation carrying out a PhD in patients with heart failure and biventricular pacemakers.

Her research identifies the beneficial impact of different pacemaker settings on blood pressure and heart function. These studies use ultrasound (advanced echocardiography) to measure response and provide images for analysis. These images and the accompanying measurements are acquired at rest and following exercise allowing optimal pacemaker settings to be identified. For the patient the aim will be to increase the ability to exercise and to improve overall physiology.

‘This will allow us to understand the physiology behind the disease and changes during treatment, maximise the response from CRT devices and provide information for future patients who may benefit from them.’

Dr Punam Pabari

heart failure heart failure picture heart failure photo Dr Punam Pabari