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The Foundation for Circulatory Health

Some of our research...

A 3D model of diseased coronary artery reconstructed from a combination of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and angiography. The high resolution and contrast of OCT allows the representation of the vessel's geometrical features in great detail.


The Foundation makes grants available to a number of research and service delivery projects, usually through Imperial College London and Imperial college NHS Trust. The grants facilitate the employment of personnel working in ICCH and elsewhere, to deliver this integrated strategy. The Foundation will continue to support the promotion, development and expansion of ICCH as a unique and powerful force in diminishing the global impact of cardiovascular disease and improving patient care.

The Foundation for Circulatory Health was set up to facilitate and promote the International Centre for Circulatory Health (ICCH), a collaborative team of internationally renowned scientists and clinicians in cardiovascular medicine. ICCH aims to deliver an integrated research strategy in circulatory medicine and apply results of this research to advance standards of care in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in a multi-ethnic society. The Foundation seeks to ensure that the knowledge gained is shared with the developing world.


Computational model of the pressure profile along a diseased artery throughout a cardiac cycle under conditions of hyperaemia. During maximum coronary flow (which happens in diastole) the pressure drop increases. From the pressure profile it is possible to identify the lesions which are responsible for the pressure loss.