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Improving the measurement of leaks in heart valves

Michela Moraldo is a Biomedical Engineer supported by the British Heart Foundation carrying out a PhD in quantification of leaky heart valves.

Leaky valve disease is common in cardiology patients and has potentially serious long-term consequences through permanent damage to the heart. Repair or replacement of a valve can prevent ongoing damage and protect the patient, but the operation is not without risk itself. One challenge when making a clinical judgement is that quantification of the amount of leaking is so difficult. We are going to develop a new algorithm (‘AQURO’), which can be fully automated to measure the severity of leaky heart valves.

measuring leaks 1 measuring leaks 2

‘AQURO, being fully automatic, eliminates an important source of measurement variability. This is a simple, effective enhancement for quantification of leaking heart valves using only standard echo equipment.’

Michela Moraldo

Michela Moraldo
Contact: Eric Stevenson   59-61 North Wharf Road   London   W2 1LA