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Scoring diastolic heart function

Heart failure can be of two types: a failure of the heart to pump properly (systolic failure) or relax properly (diastolic failure). While the former can be accurately and reliably diagnosed, diagnosing diastolic heart disease can be challenging.

With the help of the recently instituted Academic Foundation Programme, Dr Hemang Yadav, a senior house officer working within Imperial College NHS Trust, is involved in research at ICCH aimed at improving clinical imaging in heart failure. Using tissue Doppler imaging, a type of echocardiography, Dr Yadav has developed an age standardised scoring system for more reliably classifying diastolic function.

diastolic heart function

‘This score might help us to diagnose (and thus treat) diastolic heart dysfunction sooner than we are able to do currently, hopefully improving the outcome of patients with this often disabling condition.’

Dr Hemang Yadav

Dr Hemang Yadav
Contact: Eric Stevenson   59-61 North Wharf Road   London   W2 1LA