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Southall and Brent Revisited (SABRE) - Heart 3D

Dr Chloe Park is a Research Associate supported by the British Heart Foundation carrying out postdoctoral work on ethnic differences on the structure and function of the heart.

Heart failure is a dominant contributor to cardiovascular disease in older age, and diabetes plays an increasingly important role in its development. However, the role of dysglycaemia, alone or in concert with associated risk factors, in effecting structural and functional damage to the heart is poorly understood.

SABRE-Heart 3D is a large tri-ethnic study consisting of Europeans, South Asians and African Caribbeans aged between 55-85yrs. Detailed measures of structure and function of the left ventricle are made using 3D echocardiography and 2D speckle tracking. This study is exploring the role of dysglycaemia, across the range, and the impact of its differential clustering with other risk factors by ethnicity in the early structural and functional manifestations of heart failure.

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Dr Chloe Park

Contact: Eric Stevenson   59-61 North Wharf Road   London   W2 1LA